Q: My country is not available on  the shipping destination, what should I do?
A: If your country is not available when you check out your cart, you can contact me and I will check the shipping cost to your country :)

Q: Which courier do you use for international shipping?
A: Depends on the availability of the service, weight and the destination. I use EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail, and also TNT. I choose the cheapest and safest option, but if you have any preference, you can contact me!

Q: The items I want to purchase is not available here
A: Since I have many items on my store, probably I miss some items or I need extra time to input the shipping cost. Let me know if you want to purchase any items that are not listed here :3

Q: I want to buy many items and I'm shocked at the shipping cost!
A: Since it's automatically calculated by the system, the total price may increase drastically. I always do refund if the shipping cost turns out much cheaper. If you want to make sure the shipping cost, you can contact me first ^^

Q: I want to open a Group Order with people from my country, but If I buy from here, the shipping cost is so expensive
A: For Group Order, you can contact me through my instagram @daeryjnmerch or twitter (same username) and I will help you calculate the shipping cost